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Crypto. Fiat. Lend.
Borrow. Stake.

The next stage in DeFi functionality is here. MELD is the first decentralized protocol that brings fiat capabilities to crypto. Move between crypto and fiat positions with ease, take out loans and retain full control of your digital assets.



Cash Loans

Get an instant loan against your cryptocurrency holdings at a competitive APR or get a credit line and only pay interest on what you use.

Protect Crypto Holdings

Dont let today's small expenses erode your crypto investments. Leverage the value of your crypto to borrow cash when you need it.

Built on Cardano

The MELD protocol is built on the Cardano blockchain, a next generation blockchain delivering fast, safe and cost effective infrastructure for a new generation of DeFi.

Decentralized and Trustless

A world-class DeFi protocol, MELD uses smart contracts to ensure complete transparency and fairness for all parties.

Borderless and Democratic

Economic and political changes can’t alter MELD’s smart contracts. Our DeFi protocol is safe from changing laws or unexpected events.

Stable Yield Earnings

Let your crypto work for you. Earn yields from our staking pools as well rewards in the MELD token.

MELDing crypto + Traditional currency

Enjoy the benefits of high-return cryptocurrency investments and the liquidity of fiat currencies. MELD lets you retain full ownership of your crypto assets with an instant liquidity framework.

Stay long + Get cash

Leverage your crypto holdings for the cash and credit you need. MELD lets you easily borrow fiat against your crypto holdings without having to sell your crypto assets.

Get a loan + Keep your keys

Use your crypto holdings as collateral to secure low interest loans in fiat without giving up your private keys. With MELD you can leverage your cryptocurrency to borrow the cash you need today, while still maintaining full control of your crypto portfolio and its future value.

Money + Legos

Composability is key to the MELD protocol and our goal of being a first class citizen in the DeFi ecosystem. Each of the core functions in the MELD protocol will be interoperable with other services such as AMMs, LPs, Insurance as well as the rest of the financial tools available.

How it works.

Take out a loan

Using the MELDapp, choose how much cash you’d like to borrow. Add your crypto as collateral (2x the amount you’d like to borrow) and lock it into a MELD smart contract.

Get your cash

Once the smart contract is in place, your loan is electronically transferred to your bank account anywhere in the world.

Earn yield on your crypto

Your crypto collateral is added to MELD’s liquidity pools to generate yield and work for you for the entire lifespan of the loan.

Pay back the loan

Make monthly payments to pay back the interest and principle of your loan. Once the loan is paid off, your collateral is released to you.

Earn all the time

Regardless if you are borrowing, lending, staking or Hodling you are always earning yield from the crypto in your MELDapp.

The MELD Initial Stakepool Offering or ISPO is a new and unique method for fundraising that is community oriented and safe for all parties involved. To participate, you simply delegate your ADA in your Yoroi or Daedalus to the MELD staking pool and 100% of the rewards go towards funding MELD. Based on the amount of rewards generated and duration your ADA is staked you will be airdropped MELD tokens on launch. We are launching the ISPO before the private sale to give everyone the opportunity to join in early and reap the rewards.

MELD Roadmap.



MELD Launch

Initial Stake Pool Offering starts

Token Private Sale

Launch of Marketing Initiatives

Partner Program Launch


MELDapp launch — Beta testing of the MELDapp begins on mobile and chrome

MELDapp — multi crypto wallet

Support for MELDed BTC, ETH and BNB


MELD token launch — MELD token officially launches

MELD rewards start

Initial Stake Pool Offering ends

Fiat loans begin

Distribution of mBTC, mETH, mBNB, mUSD, mEUR

MELD vaults 1.0



Zero Interest Loans

Self Paying Loans

Collateral support for addition Tokens such as COMP, DOT and LINK

MELD Vaults 2.0

MELD team.

Ken is a serial entrepreneur working in the space between technology design and data, building new products to solve some of the biggest problems in the industry. With more than 20-years of experience in digital transformation, Ken has a proven track record of delivering innovative products and consumer experiences for companies around the globe, ranging from startups to Fortune 500. His past and present clients include Eltek, GE, HP, Harrods, Hydro, Toyota, Sony, Audi, Telenor, Total, Statoil, Visa and Ubisoft.

Ken Olling


Hai is a focused and driven entrepreneur, system architect, and blockchain engineer. His passion lies in decentralized systems and Blockchain specifically, functional programming & AI engineering. He started his career in C++ doing game development which quickly evolved into AI development. During the last 4 years, he’s focused entirely on developing trustless decentralized systems in Blockchain. Hai lives and works out of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hai Nguyen Quang


Dave is an experienced auditor with 14+ years experience in both external and internal audit. He has served in many industries which ranges from semiconductors, energy, software, retail and airlines. His core competency has been his knowledge on the operations of a wide array of business models operating in various countries. He develops a keen understanding on the risks in businesses and suggests practical solutions to ensure that business processes are kept relevant and updated. In his previous roles, Dave has lived and worked in America, Europe and Hong Kong. He currently resides in Singapore.

Dave Lin


Lise's specialised skills within Marketing revolve around community building, brand awareness and customer adoption. This knowledge has been built from 20 years experience from her sector, with Lise having co-founded and run several of the Nordic’s most prominent experiential marketing agencies. Her drive and passion for Blockchain and what it offers to the future of Finance with its security, transparency and fairness is at the core of her role as CMO.

Lise Wessel


Thomas has a drive like no-other and a determination to get the ‘job done’, everytime. Thomas is a self-taught entrepreneur with 25+ years’ experience in the Media & Communications sectors and has excelled at strategy, corporate communication and product development. Thomas co-founded and exited one of the Nordic’s most prominent Experiential Marketing agencies and is an avid crypto investor. Thomas currently lives on the Oslo fjord.

Thomas Tallis


Nicholas founded a finance brokerage business in 1991, a business that rapidly became and maintained a position as one of the largest in the UK across 3 decades. The business growth was attributed to his decision to build and operate a robust franchise and partner network, the first of its kind in the industry, as well as his vision in introducing a ‘game changing’ e-commerce procurement platform, another truly innovative initiative at its launch. Following a 28 year tenure with the company, he sold his interests and moved to his new home in Malta, where he currently lives in the sunshine with his wife and son.

Nicholas Collinson


Studying at the University of Guelph, Stuart earned a Master's degree in Philosophy and a Minor in Psychology. After that, he self-taught himself C++, Java, and Python, and then worked as a Mechatronics Engineer for a few years. 2 years ago Stuart retired from Mechatronics Engineering and dove full-time into crypto as a writer and social media expert. He has written 2 books, started multiple companies, and is fully self-sufficient through DeFi protocols.

Stuart Hollinger

Social Media Übermensch

Duc is a passionate security researcher specialized in vulnerability research and malware analysis. He has one ultimate mission when it comes to security: to find the vulnerabilities and to help developers fix them.

Duc Phan Duy

Security Engineer

Quang is a formidable Security Engineer possessing a wide skill set and focusing on SecOps & Smart Contract security. Besides penetration-testing and reverse engineering, he also has experience on high performance systems, network protocols, and cryptography.

Quang Luong The Minh

Security Engineer

Thuy is an accomplished software engineer with a passion for blockchain technologies. With in-depth experience in both functional programming and software engineering, Thuy has contributed to projects at Kikai, Septeni Technology, and RevoTech. She holds a degree in information technology from Vietnam National University.

Thuy Vu Thi Thuy

Blockchain Engineer

Duy is a passionate software engineer with more than three-years of programming experience and expertise in blockchain technologies, FinTech, and functional programming. His expertise lies in Smart Contract core logic & other Plutus components like ChainIndex. He enjoys learning new mathematical concepts and the abstract theories behind the technologies. Duy holds a degree in Computer Science from Drexel University.

Duy Nguyen Duc

Blockchain Engineer

Dong is an innovative software engineer who specializes in blockchain technologies and functional programming (specifically in code refactoring) and has a passion to learn about everything related to technology, mathematics, and logic. She received her degree in Computer Science from Vietnam National University and has more than three-years of experience working in a variety of technology fields. Currently, she focuses on Blockchain and functional programming.

Dong Nguyen Thi Phuong

Blockchain Engineer

An is a skilled blockchain software developer, focusing on both mobile and web apps. She has contributed to a wide range of projects at tech companies as well as university research labs and is enthusiastic about exploring technology and the logic it represents. She has experience in different fields of programming and development and holds a degree in Computer Science from Vietnam National University. Working as a blockchain engineer, she strives for a continual deeper knowledge in function programming.

An Le Mai

Blockchain Engineer


A seasoned startup founder, investor and speaker, Amit creates, evangelizes, and invests in the future of responsible AI and decentralization. Amit serves as the co-founder and president of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS), the executive chairman at Zero.AI and Rainfall, and an investor at JetVentures, a cross-stage international fund.

Amit Pradhan


Binh is the Head/VP of Engineering and a member of the founding team at Anduin Transactions. Before Anduin, Binh worked as a Software Engineer at Palantir Technologies for three years. Earlier in his career that spans 15-years, he worked on game and graphics engine development as well as networking and physical simulation. Binh holds a PhD degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on Computer Science and Robotics.

Binh Nguyen


Patrick has a long experience in banking and has started a large equity hedge fund in Switzerland. He brings his experience in data science, where he focused on improving banking compliance processes and strategies in AML and KYC, to MELD. Outside his role at MELD, he is CFO in a data and knowledge integration company.

Patrick Ramsauer


Logan is a long time activist of blockchain technology, working in the space since 2017. He has been instrumental in 5 successful ICOs where he was the founder for Crypto Media Group in Los Angeles. He was part of the teams creating: Elastos, HybridBlock, Realisto, Iris and Hubii Network. All of this experience culminated in him being a founder at Centric where Logan headed up Development and led their successful launch. Logan is instrumental in guiding MELDs market and communications approach.

Logan Schauer


Outside of his advisory role at MELD, James is the Founder & Editor-at-large of Crypto AM, the Founder of London Blockchain Forum, the Global Ambassador for World Mobile, Advisor to Boson Protocol, Advisor to Cudos, Advisor to Fintech Legal Labs, Advisor and Global Ambassador for BEQUANT and Advisor to Sheesha.Finance.

James Bowater


Bruno has a background in engineering, software development and data science. He has extensive experience in various business and technology areas such as data-driven innovation, digital twins, portfolio and skills development. He brings in a unique interdisciplinary blend of innovation, technology, industry and business acumen to MELD. Outside of MELD, he is the CSO at SEKAI, a company which is revolutionising the world of data.

Bruno Kocher


MELD with us.


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